What is Devops?

Hi guys, Anatoly from Define Agile here today. In a very high level, I’m going to explain the concept of Devops and I’m also going to answer question that one of you asked me: Is Agile and Devops the same thing?

I’ve been a developer for many years, largest part of developers is job to write code according to an acceptance criteria. Next, to make sure that the customers can see your code, you need to deploy your code to a production environment. For this to have there is a certain tooling required and certain operations required between you writing your code in your computer and this code being deployed to production and visible to end customers.

Deployment and actual coding, in a bigger companies are done by different departments. One is the development department (engineering department) that actually builds the product and the other is operations department – the department that makes sure that whatever you build gets deployed to production with ease, gets monitored, and if there are any issues with your code that you’ll know early, and if something is wrong with production environment – developers are notified right away.


Devops is getting those two departments together, making sure that they work as a one unified team, making sure that they establish rules among each other, making sure that whatever code is deployed is getting monitored for any errors.

Agile is an umbrella of terms and Devops is one of the tools that allow you to move to Agile, to move to iteratively delivered software. Hopefully, now it’s clearer for you what Devops is and Agile is the same thing.



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