2 days ( 7 hours a day with several breaks)


Client Premises (Boardroom) or Rented Space.  Anywhere in the world. (or REMOTE)


Presentation + Interactive Exercises + Workshops building agile workflows in Jira & Confluence


3-11 people


Price can change depending on the season, but average price is $7,500 for a team of 3-11 people + travel expenses.

Who is it for?

Teams (both development and non-development teams) that want to transition to Agile, work together efficiently and measure their progress. Also for teams who want to learn Agile tools used by many successful enterprises – Jira/Confluence.  We teach both – teams that are familiar with Agile, and that are totally new.

Who are your typical clients ?

We are teaching companies from all walks of life, from governments, to startups, to law firms. If you think that your team might benefit from Agile, this is all what matters.

What will we learn by the end of the workshop ?

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  •  Understand a difference between Agile & Waterfall
  •  Understand Agile mindset
  •  Navigate with certainty between most used Agile Frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan) and rationally decide which one suits you better*
  • Explain when certain frameworks should be used, and what are major benefits of each
  • Have a general idea of other tools like Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Extreme Programming
  • Be able to setup Scrum and Kanban workflows in Jira**
  • Be able to document processes in Confluence**

* If you already know what framework you want to get into, we will focus mostly on the framework you are most interested in

** If Jira and/or Confluence are not your weapons of choice and you already have tool that you use, we will be happy to adopt our workshop to suit the tool you are using

How is this training different from any others ?

We have been part of many different trainings, and while some of them are great, there are couple of things that we are doing differently:

  1.    Many certification courses ask you to send one person to get certified. When this person comes back, unfortunately team has no idea what this person was taught, so it is extremely hard to get buy-in from others and make team Agile. We focus on transforming the whole team to Agile, so that anyone can take responsibility of Scrum Master or an Agile Coach.
  2.   Instead of giving lots of theory upfront and overwhelm our teams, we focus mainly on explaining concepts through exercises and workshops, so that by the end of the workshop teams have EXPERIENCED Agile.
  3.   While many trainings follow the same narrative with every company, we create custom trainings for every single client, so that we meet your specific needs.
  4.   While most of the Agile consultancies have coaches that sole job is to coach – for us coaching is small part of our work – we actually actively work as engineers, scrum masters, project managers in different companies – so we know exactly what current trends are, and what struggles are.
  5.  While many of our competitors focus on providing Agile trainings, and leaving teams to implement what was taught – We in Define Agile, on purpose, not taking more than 2-3 clients at the same time, so we can fully commit to supporting teams that we train through in-house/remote facilitations and remote support for tools like Jira and Confluence. We will not leave you hanging after we finished with the training.
  6. All our coaches are technical, they understand software development team issues on the personal level, this makes training very interactive. We often go into the weeds of how to implement certain concepts using development practices.

Who are the coaches ?

Our coaches have combined 20 years experience moving more than 20 teams through Agile transformation. All our coaches have technical background, so they can answer questions related to technical implementation of agile aspects. You can see our coaches Anatoly & Dave explaining Agile/Jira and Confluence on our Youtube Channel   and you can read about their  background by clicking on their avatars in our Meet The Team section.

What If we want you to cover some specific content as part of the training ?

Since we are creating every training from scratch based on client’s needs, we can accommodate custom content.

I am interested in having this training, what’s next ?

Next step is to schedule a free consultation with us and see how Define Agile can help your team! To do this please fill the form below, and we will get back to you usually in 24 hours.