Embrace a powerful Agile transformation with our Agile Evolution Package, designed for businesses seeking to elevate their Agile practices. Our world-class Agile coaches and JIRA administrators will collaborate with your teams to optimize processes, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration for improved performance and results.

This package includes:

  • Agile Coaching by 2 World Class Agile Coaches
  • Dedicated JIRA Support by World class JIRA Administrator
  • Customized Agile Strategy and Transformation Plan Done in Collaboration with You
  • Customized Cross-Team Collaboration Strategy
  • Advanced JIRA and Confluence Setup and Configuration
  • Agile Training and Workshops for each team
  • Facilitation of Agile ceremonies (Planning, Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives, Demos)
  • Performance Metrics are Established and Reporting System is Setup
  • Dedicated Agile Leadership Workshops

Typical Outcomes of this Package

  • Leadership has a clear process change strategy that they are comfortable with
  • Leadership has extensive knowledge of Agile practices through dedicated leadership workshops
  • Teams have strong understanding of Agile principles
  • Teams know how to divide work in small pieces, estimate their work, work thought it and show their work to stakeholders
  • Teams have strong grasp in how to work within JIRA
  • Company has JIRA and Confluence setup and configured tailored for its needs
  • Leadership has access to reporting data, and have a structured process to turn their Ideas and Vision into pieces of work that is trickle down to the team
  • Teams consistently evaluate their work and their processes and week by week improve


Approximately 4 months, Maximum 5 teams of 8 people

Best Suited For

Medium Size Organization with at least 20 people. Our typical clients who choose this package are established medium size organizations with yearly revenue $10 million+ , government agencies or small departments of S&P 500 companies.


Q: How is the Agile Evolution Package different from the Agile Momentum Package?

The Agile Evolution Package offers more extensive support, with additional hours of Agile coaching and JIRA administration. This package is designed for organizations that require a more comprehensive Agile transformation, focusing on optimizing processes, enhancing collaboration, and improving overall performance.

While Momentum is for up to 2 teams, Evolution covers up to 5 teams and has support of 2 World Class Agile Coaches.

Q: What is a milestone based pricing and how does it work ?

The typical payment structure for this package would look something like that:

  1. Pre-Payment (30%): Payable upon signing the contract. This payment ensures commitment and covers initial costs associated with starting the project.
  2. Initial Assessment & Strategy Development (30%): Payment is due upon completion of the comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current Agile processes and the development of a tailored Agile transformation strategy.
  3. Agile Coaching & JIRA Administration (30%): Payment is due upon completion of the total hours allocated for Agile coaching and JIRA administration. This ensures that your team is effectively implementing the Agile transformation strategy and making progress toward your goals.
  4. Final Review & Success Measurement (10%): Payment is due upon completion of a final review and measurement of the project’s success, ensuring that the Agile transformation has led to improved processes and met the desired outcomes.

Q: What is the typical price for this package ?

It all depends on your particular scenario, but in general this package for 2 month engagement is $150,000.

Q: The price of this package seems high, why can’t I just do it myself or hire an Agile Coach?

This is a great question, of course it is completely possible to do it all yourself, same as it is possible to work-out without a personal trainer, or to loose weight without a dietitian. That being said, when it comes to process change, it is a very delicate matter, and it is paramount to implement it right the first time, that is why partnering with someone who did it hundreds of times gives bigger chance of success.

In terms of hiring your own staff, it is actually way more expensive and way less flexible.

Here is an example:

Cost: An Agile Coach would cost you $150k – $300k a year (if you hire the caliber that we have, it would be on the higher end), x 2 = $600k, Jira Administrator would be $80k – $150k a year. So total for our level staff would be around $750k a year, or 4 months would be $260k.

But Cost itself is just a tiny piece of the puzzle, there is more:

Efficiency: Our goal with all our packages is to train your staff to do the work as soon as possible, we are not paid by the hour, so we are motivated to be efficient, when you hire permanent staff (especially hourly contractors), they don’t have that motivation.

Flexibility: If one of our Agile Coaches or Jira Admins is not a match for you, we will find you someone else from our team within 7 days. If you don’t like the Agile Coach you hired – it could be hard to part ways.

Risk Mitigation: With milestone based pricing – you pay for results, with hiring someone full time – your risk is way higher.

Hopefully now you understand that it is actually a great deal 🙂

Q: What happens if after you did your work I want to still work with you ?

We will not let you hanging, if you want to continue working with us, we offer post-package support retainers for additional period of time.

Q: What timezone are you in, and can you come to our office ?

We have team members across Asia/Europe/North and South America. Most of our members work across time zones. We make sure that there is at least 3-4 hour overlap with you on a daily basis to provide you support.

We are distributed team, with office in Vancouver, Canada. If you want us to fly in to your office for initial roll out, we can do that. (all the travel expenses are covered by a client)

Q: Whats the typical process of engagement like this ?

We adopt to your needs, so it is different with each client, but the typical engagement goes like this:

We have an introductory call where we make sure there is a match and we can support you, from there we sign a contract of engagement.

In a first week: We like to move quickly, so we meet with you leadership, set KPI’s and start working on a strategy

In a first month: Once the strategy is done and approved we implement all the necessary infrastructure (JIRA, documentation, create infographics and other materials to better show the strategy) and start moving teams through it. We do it 1-2 teams a time, to see if there is something that needs to be adjusted.

In 2-3 months: We work almost daily with your teams, walking them through strategy, answering their questions, supporting them along the way, and coaching them to do this work themselves, every week we challenge them more to be more self sufficient, up to the point where they can carry on transformation for themselves

In 4 months: We have trained up to 5 teams, provided leadership training, and working on a hand off strategy to your leaders.

At the end of engagement: We provide you report and give you opportunity to continue engagement if necessery.

Q: How flexible is the Agile Momentum Package in terms of support hours?

This package includes up to 20 hours of Agile coaching and up to 10 hours of JIRA administration support per week. We understand that each organization has unique needs, so we’re happy to work with you to find the right balance of support for your team.

Q: Can the Agile Momentum Package be customized to fit my organization’s specific needs?

Absolutely! Our Agile coaches and JIRA administrators work closely with your team to create a customized Agile strategy and transformation plan. We’ll identify your specific challenges and goals, tailoring our approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for your organization.

Q: What is the next step ?