Can Scrum be used in a Law Firm?

Hey guys, Anatoly from Define Agile. Here I’m answering your questions. These two questions came from Nacho Martinez.

He asks:

“What’s your opinion about applying Agile Project Management, Scrum, Kanban in legal firms?”

That’s a great question. Yes, you can definitely apply Scrum and Kanban to not only software development projects but such things as legal firms or any other projects, because it teaches you to respond to change. For example, in a Legal Firm you can have a Kanban board for different legal cases. You can move them from to-do to done. You can visualize your work. You can limit your work in progress so that you don’t take too many cases at the same time . This would be a quick example how Kanban can help you with your legal practice. Of course there is much more to it.

From Scrum, you can use planning. When you plan, what you’re going to work on with your team on this upcoming week or two weeks or a month.You can have retrospectives, where you talk about your current processes, and what can be improved. You can also have daily standup to catch, reviews to review your work – etc. Scrum is a good choice here.

So, yes, you can definitely apply those principles from Scrum and Kanban to legal firms. If you need my help, I’ll be happy to help you with that. We work with not only software teams but all other teams that you can think of. So if you need my help, go to Let’s get you a free consultation and help you out.


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The other question was:

“What exactly is the difference between Lean and those two methodologies from the perspective of a legal business?”

First of all, Lean is more mindset than a framework.  Lean is about testing your assumptions, delivering Minimum Viable Product, improving, testing again, while Scrum and Kanban are frameworks how to implement Agile. This is the difference. These two can be combined together. You can definitely use Lean mindset to always change, to always improve, to always show progress, and you should.

Hope that helps!


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