Tips on Efficient Daily Scrum Meetings: Agile Project Management

Hi guys, Anatoly from Define Agile here. I keep on answering your questions. The question of today is“What are the best tips for efficient daily stand-up meeting in a job project?”

Tip #1: Make sure that everyone in your Development Team is present on every stand-up.

Why is it important? It’s because a stand-up is all about finding dependencies. If somebody is not present, we might not state some dependencies,  which might be detrimental for the team later on.

Note: If you find that the team is late for stand-up, maybe talk to them, and move stand-up to a later time. If you have remote workers, make sure you accommodate for their time zones.


Tip #2: A stand-up needs to be short.

Make sure that the stand-up is not longer than 15 minutes. Make sure that somebody  in your team can track time.

Note: If you see the conversations are going for too long, make sure to let people know that they can talk about it after stand-up and they can just catch up later.

Tip #3: Talk about things that are related to other people work.

Make sure that everyone who talks during a stand-up, they talk about things that are related to other people’s work. Stand-up is all about making sure we’re finding dependencies, we need to unblock all those things that  bother us.

Those would be some of the main tips for you to have a successful stand-up.


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